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Too often I observe interesting little quirks in human nature and let them pass me by without comment. This blog is dedicated to the small weirdnesses in all of us, whether we admit it or not; it's the kind of thing you tell your friends with that disbelieving tone because you know they will find it just as strange as you. We all have our eccentricities, now it's time to record them.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Scalper

The Background

Over Thanksgiving break we had one of the most depressing football games that I have been to in a long time.  Really? Our kicker has to miss three field goals? Not one, not two, but three? Unacceptable.  Anyway, that's all I have to say about the football game, it still irritates me thinking about it.  

Since everyone knew this game wasn't going to be all that fantastic to start with and what with it taking place on Black Friday, I knew quite a few people who ended up not going to this game.  As a a result several of them gave their tickets to me to do with as I saw fit.  And there is our premise, ladies and gentlemen, me with lots of tickets to a football game no one really wants to go to anyway.  

The Intro

I tried selling my tickets to a scalper for ten bucks a piece but he wasn't having it so I moved on.  As I was nearing the stadium, I walked past someone I immediately identified as a scalper talking to a late-thirties-ish woman and her eleven-twelve-ish year-old daughter who were attempting to get tickets.  All I heard of their conversation were the words "fifty dollars" and that was enough for me to intervene.

Now, the woman was haggling with the man and busy so I approached the daughter and asked if she and her mother were looking for tickets.  When she told me yes, they were, I got the mother's attention and told her I had two tickets I didn't need that she could have for free.  She, in the process of paying for her tickets, put her money away and took my tickets.  And, boom, I have done my good deed for the day.

The Change-up

Or so I thought.  Apparently the scalper was not pleased with what I had just done.  The moment he realized what was happening to his sale, there issued for a stream of some of the most eloquent (total sarcasm here, wish there was a font for that) profanity I have ever heard, yelling at me that I was a thief among many other things.  In short, myself, the woman, and her daughter made a fast exit, as he appeared to be leaning towards hitting something.

The Analysis

Now dude, I understand that you're upset that you lost a sale but come on, this can't be the first time you haven't managed to sell to people you think you can.  I realize I lost you a fair bit of money but come on, nobody is going to want to pay such an outlandish price if they don't have to, accept that occasionally you're going to be outdone.

Once again, it's a strange reaction to me.  In his place, yes, I would have been upset at the fact that I had lost a potential sale.  But on the other hand, I'm not going to fault someone else if they do a good deed, the world needs more of that.  Try a little patience in life, a bit more kindness, and I think it'll get you a lot further.


  1. It's ridiculous what people will yell about. I remember in ninth grade me and a friend were hanging out in a parking lot waiting for a ride. I see a stick just kinda hanging out on the ground, so I pick it up and just kind of swing it around in boredom. A dude comes bustling out of the business, and just starts swearing at me. He was so loud that everyone in the area turns and stares. This goes on for a good minute or two. That day I vowed to never enter a framing store. I still have no idea why he was so pissed about that.

  2. One mans loss is another mans treasure haha whether that be morally or physically. Feels good to give! $50 is insane he had karma comin to him and if he had a conscience he probably felt like a jerk selling them for so high when someone charitable came along.

  3. THIS IS A GRANT REMINDER ALERT. Yo, you should update your blog! Also, the game turned out awesome, thanks to you Brandi and Dickson for finishing it up. I hope that this alerts your email or whatever so that you see this and jump into action.