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Too often I observe interesting little quirks in human nature and let them pass me by without comment. This blog is dedicated to the small weirdnesses in all of us, whether we admit it or not; it's the kind of thing you tell your friends with that disbelieving tone because you know they will find it just as strange as you. We all have our eccentricities, now it's time to record them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Naked Man

My inspiration for this blog started with a man I noticed on campus one day.  Now, the title of this particular posting is a little bit misleading because he wasn't naked, but he was in fact changing clothes.  Outside.  In broad daylight.  In a flowerbed.  Now normally, if you're stuck somewhere and you need to change clothes I can understand the occasional public change.  If and only if however, you took some care to, oh I don't know, make it a little less obvious.  You see, when I walked up, all he had left to put on was his shirt, so it wasn't a huge deal but the fact that he was changing clothes isn't what made things weird.  It was the fact that he felt it necessary to stand in a flowerbed to do so.  I mean, if he had found a bush to hide behind I could understand but he was standing in nothing more than mulch and petunias; not exactly going to hide much now is it?  I just thought it was exceptionally odd that when faced with the prospect of changing in public he just went ahead and did so... but still felt the need to have some semblance of shame or decency or whatever it was that made him step into a flowerbed that hid nothing from anyone.  Oh well, at least he tried.


  1. I find people watching very interesting. You never know where these curious behaviors surface from. Your story makes me want to know why this man couldn't just walk to the bathroom and change. However, thanks to him it made me laugh and also realize that we all come from different backgrounds, parents, and places. You could be doing a strange act and not even know it!

  2. Thanks for giving me a good laugh. people watching can be very fun! just a couple weeks ago I saw a person passed out downtown (not a hobo) at the twilight concert in those big cement vases they put flowers in. Most likely he was drunk, but his choice to pass out was a new one I never seen. can't wait to see what other odd things you see people doing!